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Food & Transportation

Build disciplines and develop routines to empower your wealth goals.

Expenses hard to control? 

Discipline, routine and restraint will enable you to direct your life and reach your financial, budget and wealth goals.
Watch the videos below to learn about controlling spending.

Watch our food and transportation videos. 

7.5 Minute Food & Groceries Video. 

Discussing the discipline to develop a routine that allows you to live into your grocery budget.

9.5 Minute Transportation Video. 

Showing restraint in your car purchase protects you from overspending. Make sure to know your numbers walking in and account for all relevant factors.

Budget for Wealth Lessons

Lesson 1 - Budgeting

  • Help to build a balanced budget
  • Plan for periodic expenses
  • Start saving for the future
View Budgeting
Budgets and Cash Flow

Lesson 2 - Credit and Debt Management

  • Understand your credit score
  • Credit repair strategies
  • Debt Elimination Strategies
View Credit and Debt
Credit Repair and Management

Lesson 3 - Food and Transportation

  • Understand Costs
  • Advance Planning
  • Build Discipline
View Food and Transportation
Food and Transportation

Lesson 4 - Purchase a Home

  • Understanding costs
  • Budgeting and down payments
  • Mortgages, taxes and insurance
View Purchase a Home
Purchase a Home

Lesson 5 - Saving and Investing

  • Plan to save
  • Savings accounts
  • Growth through investing
View Saving and Investing
Savings and Investing for Growth

Lesson 6 - Protecting your Assets

  • Protecting your health and family
  • Protecting your possessions
  • Protecting your future
View Protecting your Assets
Protecting your Assets

You can take charge or your financial future.

Work with us and learn to Budget for Wealth.

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